Ming Tong, Designer

Ozmo Report -- data visualisation & predictive analysis

designed in 2016-2017, ux design

Garmin App for Ozmo -- ozmo-track and achieve your daily hydration

designed in 2017, ux design

Onboarding Ozmo -- how ppl connect it with the app

designed in 2015-2016, ux design

Ozmo -- a smart water bottle

designed in 2014-2015 , UX & industrial design

Shell Chopper -- a herb chopper

designed in 2012-2013, industrial design

GrateNStore -- a new way to grate cheese

designed in 2013, industrial design

TongĀ² -- a 2 in 1 salad tongs

designed in 2010, industrial design

GreenPuzzle-- a solar power systen

designed in 2008-2009, concept design

UFO Juicer -- an alien squeezer

designed in 2007, industrial design

Rabmixer -- a joyful mixer,

designed in 2006, concept design

my design thinking..

Hi, I am Ming Tong , a design professional who born and raised in Hong Kong.

I am specializing in UX design and product design, designing and developing products. I believed that design is about creating solution to make people's life better, both psychologically and physically.

Most of my work focus on problem solving, enhancing people life and providing a better user experience. Having over 10 years experience in product design and management, it make me understand how a product made, from the conceptual development, to prototyping and even manufacturing.

Thanks to the age of internet of thing, it provide me a chance to design & develop digital products by using the Lean UX and Agile design frameworks. It is important for me to study and analyse the data from the app to make quick change on the UX, which help to improve the user experience.

Besides work, I am a Traveller , Sport lover and Nature Lover who like to meet different people and culture. I love to travel and meet different people and culture. It always inspire me.

I am always ready for the new challenge.