Digital Indoor Map - Mapxus


Mapxus is a startup which focus on City-based Indoor Map and Data Platform. It started in early 2018. I joined them at the begining as a product designer to focus on the UX and the Application design.

When I onboard Mapxus, we only have the basic MVP and some branding related designs. I have to go through everything with the director and CEO. As I am the only one designer in the company, I almost have to work on anything related "design".

After understanding how the product work, I plan to work on the following things:

  • The Digital Map -- how people use the digital map. how they read the map ...etc

  • The Design system -- how a service company provide a SDK/API based components from the design system.

how user interactive with the digital map

a system to have a library of reusable UX components

and the design jounery go on data visualization, user testing, Visual Map, In-House mapper app.....