Grate N Store -- a new way to serve cheese


Our task is to find out what is the main issues on using a cheese grater, searching for the market gap and redesigning a new one to fit it. From our research, People always grate too much cheese for cooking and serving, but they don't store those "grated cheese" and just throw them away.

The team was thinking is it possible to redesign a grater that can help people to change their user behaviour ?

the initial concept sketch

the first concept


We designed a container which look like a salt & pepper shaker, and attached a cheese grinder on it. We figured out some problems from the user testing.

1. The grated cheese was jammed inside the container, it was extremely hard to shake out.

2. The user did not want to touch the "cheese grater part" as they think it might hurt their finger.

3. People think it was hard to clean.

different pattern designs on the opening

We tested the different style of the grinder to find a good size of the grated cheese

We tested the different shape of the grater


We heard the feedbacks from the user testing, refine and modify our designs by the followings:

1. To have a wide opening for shaking out the cheese easily, also with a lid to close the opening.

2. To have a cover for the "grater part" and re-shape the product for easy holding.

3. The grater, the lid and the cover can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

and it is selling internationally under the kitchen brand, Zyliss.