GreenPuzzle -- a solar power system


Way back in 2008, solar panel was big and huge. It need many spaces to generate enough energy from sun. It was almost not possible to place solar panel in the public area. Our task was to find a new way to generate power by the solar panel. Would it possible be to put the solar panel in the public area with less space? Can the panel "share" the public space with people ?


"What take most space in the park and the space could be shared with people ?" The Grass.

We come up with the idea to re-design the solar panel into the shape of grass -- the Green Puzzle. Solar panels that are made to appear and feel like grass, to be planted on the ground in the dirt surrounded by grass. Made with transparent silicone flexible solar panel, it can allow people to step on it, sit on it and even relax on it, while it is generating power from the sun !

The Green Puzzle comes in panels, rather small but you can combine them in a sort of daisy-chain to intercept maximum sunlight. Made to be kind to the feet, with only a portion of the ground covered so that real grass can grow through!