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CLP Holdings, one of the largest investor-owned power companies in the Asia Pacific Region. They have a SaaS product, Smart Sensor Automation, which is a smart school Solution that improves school operations and environmental impacts, while providing practical STEM programmes. I lead a team of 2 designers to work on that product.

One day, the management asked: "
Can it use at smart office or building?"

I do think it is a very common question that stakeholder or management may ask, can a single product use at different segment?

My Role

Design Lead

UX Design

UI Design

Design Research







Align the goal and the vision

Internal workshop

Invited all stakeholders from the team to have a workshop to define who is our customer and what do we want to offer

Understanding the needs

External User Interview

To understand the real problems from our users, we talk to office manager, teacher from school and building facility manager by the following questions:

1) What does your typical day look like?

2) What are your main challenges? Why? Explain more

3) How do you solve those problems?What kind of platform/system do you use?

4) What products /apps/services do you use on a regular basis?

5) Imagine there’s a platform to save your time. How would it look like?

6) Card Sorting, Prioritise the features


-Extract and summarise data by affinity mapping

- Find patterns

- Create actionable insights

Findings from the research and workshop

What management want

All-rounded customizable platform

fully control and monitor the facility proactively.

Easy to plan, report, and maintenance

What office & building want

A fully integrated platform

have many platforms already

No time to read the data

want instant alerts

What school want

A platform for learning and teaching

Do not care about energy consumption

long term energy solution which connect with student daily life

Easy school managment

New hypothesis

We believed that using a fully integrated custom alert app

For office manager and building operation team

Will improve their operation efficiency

The Concept

The Design

Making sure we had the right solution

Usability Test

Test with the existing user and see what they

think about the new concept

What next

We found one user are intersted in the concept and would like to trial with us.

Take aways

1. Design is a turely learning process. You need to observe and listen before you make any decision.

2. Designer need to balance between the user needs and the business value of a product.