Search Behaviour across the eco-system

provide a seamless searching experience


Lynk is a knowledge-as-a-Service platform that helps users access, build and share credible human expertise.  It has different products, from SaaS base and App, to serve its purposes. All of its products have a search engine to let the users search for what they want. However, the search experience is different for different products. 

My goal is to redesign the search behaviour which provides a seamless experience among the whole eco-system.

My Role


Design Lead

UX Design

UI Design

Design Research








Feedback from users

"I am confused about what I am searching for!"

"I cannot search for what I want, have to go to another search bar to do it"

"It could be better if I can filter the search result easily!"

"If we can have a more structured search result,  that would be helpful!"

Understanding the infrastructure & existing problems

Problem:  Users cannot search all of their data in one goal. 

Making it easier to search

Users cannot search all of their data in one goal. They need to go to a different place in the ecosystem to do it. It was difficult for the users to know where they need to go and find their data.

I proposed a new search behaviour to the team, and work closely with the product manager and engineer to come up with a new infrastructure with the least change on the backend to meet the tight timeline. It helped our users to perform searches without having to move around the system.

Proposed infrastructure

Help users to narrow down the search result

Making sure we are on the right track

To validate the design we build a quick prototype and tested it with existing users, we tested it with those that had complained about the features. 
Asked them to do a card sorting exercise to understand which data is important to them, so we can have a priority while returning the search result.

Key takeaways

How might we provide a seamless search experience on different devices?

How might we let users search for what they want around the system?

Iterating the design based on the feedbacks from users

Feedback from user

“This looks better than we had!

I can search what I want now, thanks!