The Design of the Mapxus Digital Map

When I joined Mapxus in early 2018, the digital imap is like this.


As I mentioned, Mapxus is a digital map platform which focused on indoor map, while user can still browse to the outdoor map.

I can see some problems about the existing digital map, so I did a user research and talk to the existing client, internal team, and some outsider. I found out the three main problems:

1. Users do not know which building have the indoor map when zoom out.

2. It is hard to read the map info, like the store info...etc

3. User cannot focus on the indoor map, maybe the use of the color.

We also know what is a good digital map to our user from the research.


We heard the feedbacks from the user and designed the below digital map, and then we asked our potential user to try out the new map again.

Although the map is focused for indoor, user still think it is hard to read the map info.

Some people like it while the other dislike as the color is too fancy for them.

Over 30% of user like this, but the other think it is still hard to outstand the indoor map from the outdoor map.

Over 70% user like this map. It is easy to read, focus for indoor and look cozy.

After some work and fine tune, I designed the new digital map for Mapxus with the following key features:

  • User can understand which building have the indoor map easily, They can see the building name when zoomed out.

  • User can read the building info easily -- redesigned icon and color for all the POI.

  • The map look different from other digital map.