I co-founded Ozmo in 2014. It is a smart water bottle that connects with the app to record your water consumption. It tracks your progress throughout the day to help you reach your hydration goals.

After launching the product, we found that 50%+ users couldn't complete the whole onboarding process. They cannot pair the smart bottle with their phone.

Our goal is to redesign the onboarding flow to provide a better experience and completion rate.

My Role

Design Lead

UX Design

UI Design

Design Research







The main reasons for unsuccessful pairing are:

  • Ozmo bottle won't be able to connect with low battery.

  • Users didn't turn on their phone's bluetooth.

  • Users cannot find the Ozmo Bottle model they have in the bluetooth device list.

the original on-boarding process


How might we improve the onboarding experience to increase onboarding completion the rate?

Before the redesign process, we made a quick tutorial video to guide the existing user to pair the bottle. This can help to retain our users.

Identify the key problems

We created the onboarding review map based on the comments from the Amazon store, the user's email, and the app tracking study.

We found out the major issues:

  1. Most users ignored the description on the screen.

  2. They did not know their cup model.

  3. Updating firmware is difficult for most of the users.

The New Flow

  1. The app will search for the Ozmo bottle automatically, and they can rename their bottle.

  2. If users didnt turn on the Bluetooth or the app cannot find the nearby bottle, a guided help will show up.

  3. The firmware will be updated automatically that can ensure it works up to date.

The new on-boarding process

The PDF file for the new onboarding


After a month of design and development:

  • Most of the users were manage to pair the bottle to the app easily.

Successful onboarding rate