Onboarding Ozmo -- how ppl connect it with the app

the early wireframe of the on-boarding process


In the early developing stage of Ozmo, we designed a very straight forward on-boarding process for connecting the bottle to the app by bluetooth. However, almost 50% user do not understand how it work. From the user feedbacks, we found out that they cannot pair the bottle to the app due to three main reasons:

1. People cannot pair the bottle due to the battery level.

2. People didn't turn on the bluetooth on their phone.

3. People cannot find Ozmo Bottle in the bluetooth device list.

the original on-boarding process


How do we handle all the angry customer ? Can we update the on-boarding process as soon as possible ?

First , We made a quick tutorials video to teach the existing user to pair the bottle. This can help to retain our user. Then we gather all the information, and try to re-design the whole on-boarding process.

People is excited about the new product, they just want to connect the bottle to the app as soon as possible. so we changed the whole on-boarding process. By pressing "START NOW" on the first page, the app will start to search for the Ozmo bottle automatically. once it found the cup, it will asked the user to "Name your bottle". If things go wrong during the auto search, the app will a checklist to the user, guiding the user to go through the issues, and then let the user to pick their model, and pair the cup, process to the page of "Name Your bottle". Before entering the main page, the app will run a auto firmware update too.

Those change help a lot:

  • User do not need to pick from the bluetooth list, and they can name their cup, giving a emotional feel.
  • If things go wrong, most of the user can follow the checklist and go through the on-boarding process successfully.
  • Auto-Firmware update can ensure that the cup and the app is updated.

Since we updated the on-boarding process. most of the user can pair the bottle to the app easily.

The new on-boarding process

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