Ozmo Report


Every tracking app have a report page, so do Ozmo. We had a simple report page which display all the drinking data in a chart, user can browse their daily, weekly and monthly data. There is a summary that display activities data from other fitness tracker too

But what does all those chart and number mean to the users ? Do those data and report can really help the user to improve their health ? Would it be possible to generate some insight from those data ? Does people really care about those data ?

This is why we plan to revamp our report page after launching 8 months of Ozmo app.


How do we have a better report ?

We did a research and found out the followings:

1. People would like to know if they are getting healthier after using Ozmo. If not, how do the app can help?

2. People do not care about their pass data, they only care about their daily data.

3. People want read their updated data easily, if they want , they can check out all the default from the report too.

Meanwhile, we built few prototypes with different style , from rational to emotional, displaying data with charts , number and insightful messages. . We were hosting focus group almost every week to test out our prototypes, gather feedbacks and refine the app. I can talk all day for those design details on the each prototypes so I will just talk about the final version.

the new report prototypes


After 2-3 months of endless meeting and user testing, we finally designed the report page. We created a "dashboard like" box on the report page which show a quick summary of the daily data. It presents the percentage of the goal with a emotional mood and also provides a insightful message to the user; eg: telling them what to do to stay health, to meet the goal...etc. Besides, People can always tap on the box to see more details like charts and number. They can even go to different categories, like water, coffee and activities, to read all the details of it.


Most of the user are happy in the beta testing, but how do we engage people to the report page ? Can we push some notifications and drive people to it ? Can we study the user behaviour and tell them what to do to meet the goal ?

How do we engage user to our new report page with an unique insightful message :

1. Study and analyse the user behaviour from the data, including hydration data and fitness tracker data

2. Using the data to predict if people can reach their goal or not

3. Providing unique personally message to encourage and educate the users

So how does it work exactly ? Let's say a user who meet his goal for the pass few days, the app will push a message and say ," Hey, you are doing good, keep it up !" Once the user open the notification. it will drive him to the report page. The app will analyse his data, if he is not going to meet the goal today, it will gives him actionable tips.


old report, average user around 1000

New insight report, Average user is about 4000

After launching the new Ozmo report with the predictive analysis, the average user for the report page increased from around 1000 to 3000. and the number is still going up !

Most of the user stayed like 5 mins on the report page everyday. They like our new report and the new notification system!


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