I co-founded Ozmo in 2014. It is a smart water bottle that connects with the water tracking App to record your water consumption. It tracks your progress throughout the day to help you reach your hydration goals.

Every tracking app has a report page, so does Ozmo App. We designed a simple report page to display all the drinking data. Users can browse their daily, weekly and monthly data.

But what do all those charts and numbers mean to the users? Do those data and reports can really help the user to improve their health? Would it be possible to generate some insight from those data?

Our goal is to provide meaningful data and suggestions to our users.

My Role

Design Lead

UX Design

UI Design

Design Research







We spent a lot of time designing and develop the report for Ozmo. However, our data showed that very few users were using this feature. We ran a quick online survey to gather feedbacks from our users and found out the following:

  • ​​The report is difficult to navigate.

  • It is difficult for users to understand graphs & charts.

  • There is too much information on the same page.

How might we present meaningful information on the report page without confusing the users?

During the CES event, we presented different directions to different people.

different design of the report

1. People would like to know if they are getting healthier after using Ozmo.

2. People do not care about their past data, they only care about their daily data.

3. People want to read their updated data easily.

The Final Design

Keep on experimenting with different ways to present the hydration graph and activity record. Created different prototypes and interview many users for feedback.

We designed a "dashboard-like" box on the report page.

  1. It shows a quick summary of the daily data.

  2. It presents the percentage of the goal with an emotional mood and also provides an insightful message to the user.

  3. Users can read the detailed data easily.

Predictive Analysis

Most of the users are happy with the beta testing, but:

  • How do we engage people on the report page?

  • Can we push some notifications and drive people to it?

  • Can we study the user behaviour and tell them what to do to meet the goal?

How might we engage users to our new report page with a unique insightful message?

  1. Study and analyze the user behaviour from the data, including hydration data and fitness tracker data

  2. Using the data to predict if people can reach their goal or not

  3. Providing unique personal message to encourage and educate the users

So how does it work exactly? Let's say a user who meets his goal for the past few days, the app will push a message and say," Hey, you are doing good, keep it up !" Once the user opens the notification. it will drive him to the report page. The app will analyze his data, if he is not going to meet the goal today, it will give him actionable tips.


After launching the new Ozmo report with predictive analysis.

  • the open rate is increased from 1000 to 4000+ per day.

  • We received an email from a user who thanks us for the new report.

New insight report, Average user is about 4000