Tong² -- 2011 iF product design award winner

the concept sketch

the early prototype

The idea of TONG² was inspired by the skilful waiter in my friend wedding party who can use fork and spoon together by one hand. It also represent the close relationship between people for sharing joy and happiness.

TONG² is an innovation in kitchen utensil and serving-ware. In its separated fork and spoon form it is the perfect salad servers at the table. When connected via the hooking mechanism at the top, it takes on the utility of a serving tong. Made of heat and pressure resistant nylon, it can be used in the pan during cooking. TONG² is also easy to clean and store. Its ergonomic and stylish design makes it the ultimate user-centric food preparation and serving tool.

I realised that my design, TONG², changed the standard of the salad tongs, as most of the major kitchen brand have their own 2 in 1 salad tongs now :)

well, as a designer, I am happy that I changed something in the world .