Garmin App for Ozmo -- Ozmo-Track and achieve your daily hydration


By creating the Garmin watch app for Ozmo, it can bring the benefit of Ozmo app to the existing Garmin user, introducing them to our Ozmo ecosystem . Our task is to find out why Garmin user want to share data with Ozmo ? how people input the water by the garmin watch? How Garmin data can work with ozmo data?

how the data sync between Ozmo bottle, Ozmo App and Garmin Watch


Our goal is to design and create the Garmin watch app to let Garmin user to input their hydration data manually, and sync the data back to the Ozmo App. We need to design the framework on the Garmin watch, which suit for most of the Garmin model.

Flow of Ozmo Widget on Garmin Watch


We have like 2000 thousands downloads on the Garmin App ; It helps to increase the number of active user for around 1000 in the first 2 weeks. Garmin also feature us on their connect IQ page as well.

Check out the followings for the more details about the Ozmo app:

1. Onboarding of Ozmo App

2. Ozmo Report -- data visualisation & predictive analysis