Ming Tong

designer who enhance your product experience

I am a designer who have experiences on physical & digital products with the following skills:

- Creating and driving product roadmap

- Providing insight via research/user testing on potential new features

- Designing products from concept to production

To me, design is about creating solution to make people's live better, both psychologically and physically. UX is the digital form of ergonomics & user friendly. By using the same design thinking, it help me to design and create a better product experience.

I am always ready for the new challenge.

my design thinking..

City-based Indoor Map and Data Platform

designed in 2018 , UX design

The Ozmo Smart Bottle connects with the Ozmo App to record both your water and coffee consumption and tracks your progress throughout the day to help you reach your hydration goals. It syncs with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other fitness trackers to re-evaluate your hydration needs post-workout.

designed in 2014-2017 , UX & industrial design

Its half round grip is easy to hold and serves as the shell of the blade, so that you can store it safely

designed in 2012-2013 , UX & industrial design

A cheese grater that can store your grated cheese

designed in 2013, industrial design

In its separated fork and spoon form it is the perfect salad servers at the table. When connected via the hooking mechanism at the top, it takes on the utility of a serving tong.

designed in 2010, UX & industrial design

designed in 2008-2009, concept design

designed in 2007, industrial design

designed in 2006, concept design

Besides my work, I love to travel around the world and explore different cultures.